The Bellwether: Leading Local Efforts to Improve the Nation's Oral Health (2007–2017)

This newsletter is a periodic publication of AACDP to communicate relevant information to the membership. Contents include issues relevant to improving oral health, highlights of innovative or promising programs, and information about AACDP activities.

The Bellwether September Newsletter

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Apex Award
Issue 6 (February 2011) received a 2011 Apex Award for Publication Excellence!

Community Guide

A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs (2006)

This document provides guidance to help local public health agencies develop, integrate, expand, or enhance community oral health programs. Steps include (1) mobilize community support, (2) assess needs and existing resources, (3) plan the program, (4) implement the program, (5) evaluate the program, and (6) participate in policy development and research. Throughout the guide, resources related to each step are identified and described.

Model Framework document

A Model Framework for Community Oral Health Programs Based Upon the Ten Essential Public Health Services (2006)

This document provides guidance to help local public health agency leaders and policymakers develop oral health programs and services and provides a context in which to consider the relationship of oral health activities to public health responsibilities and desired outcomes. Oral-health-specific topics are discussed as they relate to the 10 essential public health services developed by the work group of the Core Public Health Functions Steering Committee.

Seal America

Seal America: The Prevention Invention, 3rd edition (2016)

This manual is designed to help health professionals initiate and implement school-based dental sealant programs. Staff of established programs may also find the manual of interest as they work to improve specific aspects of their programs. Contents include information about getting started, gaining and maintaining community support, staffing, purchasing dental equipment and supplies, funding, developing forms and records, tracking students, collecting and analyzing data, preparing to launch, implementing the program, referral and follow-up, and program evaluation.

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