A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs  
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Step 6. Participate in Policy Development and Research

A. Community Oral Health Policy

Policy formulation is described in The Future of Public Health as the “process by which society makes decisions about problems, chooses goals, and selects the proper means to reach them.14 This section of the Guide describes the role of community oral health stakeholders in public policy, the stages of policy development, and mechanisms for staying informed and involved in policy efforts to improve oral health.

1. Role of Stakeholders

Community oral health stakeholders sometimes view policy, laws, regulations, ordinances, rules, and research as being outside their scope of responsibility or expertise. Health policy is often viewed as being established at the government level, but in fact policy can be formed and influenced by an array of groups, including LPHAs, advisory boards, foundations, health insurance carriers, health professionals, and consumers. These stakeholders can play an important part in each stage of the policy process.


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