A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs  
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Overview of the Guide (continued)

Throughout the Guide, resources related to each step of the process of developing, integrating, expanding, or enhancing community oral health programs are identified and described. Internet links to these resources organized by steps in the planning process appear in Appendix A, with resources organized by topic area appearing in Appendix B. Appendix C contains a table describing effective community and individual measures to prevent tooth decay. Appendix D contains a table showing a comparison of five effective community tooth decay programs. Appendix E contains a crosswalk between 10 essential public health services, essential public health services to promote oral health in the United States, and dental public health competencies.

Although the Guide is organized by steps, the process of program development, integration, expansion, or enhancement is not necessarily linear. In some cases, certain steps may have already been completed—for example, mobilizing community support or assessing oral health needs and existing resources. Conducting several steps simultaneously is also an option. It is important to build on and move ahead with what has already been accomplished.

Key to the success of community oral health program development, integration, expansion, or enhancement is the identification and mobilization of financial resources. While the Guide contains a section that specifically addresses funding, it is important to view each step described in the Guide as integral to the funding process. For example, through the mobilization of community support, communities create oral health constituencies that can significantly influence the budgeting process and the allocation of funds to support oral health. A solid program plan that builds in program evaluation and that is driven by an assessment of needs and existing resources appeals to funders, who are concerned with accountability. Therefore, each step in the Guide is intended to help secure and sustain financial support.

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