A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs  
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publication coverWelcome to A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs! This guide walks local public health agencies through the steps for developing, integrating, expanding, or enhancing community oral health programs. Steps include:

1. Mobilize Community Support

2. Assess Needs and Resources

3. Determine Priorities and Plan the Program

4. Implement the Program

5. Evaluate the Program

6. Participate in Policy Development and Research

Also included are five appendices:


Resources Organized by Steps in the Process of Developing, Integrating, Expanding, or Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs

B.  List of Resources by Topic Area

C.  Effective Community and Individual Preventive Measures for Dental Caries Prevention

D. Comparison of Five Effective Community Prevention Programs for Dental Caries

E.  Crosswalk Between 10 Essential Public Health Services, Essential Public Health Services to Promote Oral Health in the United States, and Dental Public Health Competencies

In addition to this Web-based format, the Guide is also available as a PDF download
A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs

The Guide is a companion document to A Model Framework for Community Oral Health Programs: Based Upon the Ten Essential Public Health Services

Developed by
American Association for Community Dental Programs

Produced, hosted and maintained by
National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

Funded by
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Health Resources and Services Administration

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Table of Contents Appendices AACDP References Home Appendices References Conclusion Step 6 Step 5 Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 Executive Summary Overview Step 1 Acknowledgements