A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs  
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Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Overview of the Guide

Step 1. Mobilize Community Support

A. Getting Started

B. Finding Partners and Champions

Step 2. Assess Needs and Resources

A. Organize the Assessment

B. Conduct the Assessment

1. Understand the Community

2. Gather Data about Needs

3. Identify Existing and Potential Resources

4. Analyze Data

Step 3. Determine Priorities and Plan the Program

A. Prioritize Needs

B. Plan for Integration of Cultural Competence

C. Design the Program

1. Identify Desired Outcomes

2. Identify Funding Resources

3. Review Best Practices

Essential Building Blocks of Local Dental Public Health

Step 4. Implement the Program

A. Identify Program Components

B. Create an Implementation Plan

Step 5. Evaluate the Program

A. Determine How the Evaluation Will Be Used

B. Determine Evaluation Questions

C. Develop Evaluation Measures

Step 6. Participate in Policy Development and Research

A. Community Oral Health Policy

1. Role of Stakeholders

2. Stages of Policy Development

3. Policy Involvement Resources

4. Using National Policy

B. Community Oral Health Research

1. Research Opportunities and Benefits

2. Conducting Research

3. Research Resources






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